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Dis+Ability and Customizable Characters in Video Games

customizable video game character

“So when, as my nephew began setting up his character, the words, ‘Why can my character have green skin but not one arm? Two seems one too many,’ came out of his mouth, I had to just stop. Because there was this nine year-old kid asking me why it was impossible for a customizable character to have one arm when that same character could be a green-skinned lizard.

Talk about a punch to the solar plexus.” Read more

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College Plans for Gaming Center, Wins at Acronymsgaming lab

Miami Dade College (Wolfson Campus) has plans to build a gaming lab within its Emerging Technologies Center of the Americas. According to school’s president, José A. Vicente, the Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) will feature state of the art design and development studios. There are also plans to have new, gaming centered curriculum that will build off of the new resource. Once it’s done, this critical gamer will be interested to see what the MAGICal courses and projects start to look like.

At the Forefront of games representing sexual diversity is… Kim Kardashian?

kim kardashian screenshotDue to a recent update, players of the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile and Facebook game can now have their avatars marry same-sex partners in the Hollywood-themed simulator (in Florence, Italy!). This alone doesn’t actually make Kim K a household name associated with diversity in gaming. Still, it’s interesting to think about the subtle but valuable impact of same-sex marriage in games for players, given how many people play this and other games that have done similar things. Also, yes, this is actually a thing.

Instead of  ‘Pass the popcorn’ on Date Night, It’s ‘Pass the Controller’

gaming coupleGamespot writes of studies (conducted by Ubisoft, so take this with a big grain of salt) that show couples are playing Assassin’s Creed and similar games, together. In a culture that still hangs onto the notion of the gamer as the white, hetero male, we have one more reminder that women game and game hard.





Video-Game Trailer/ Hip-Hop Collabo Of The_ Week_


plane killSongs in video game trailers aren’t typically what you pay attention to when watching, but sometimes it’s hard to miss. Rapper Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover aka Troy from Community) selected the song ‘The Crawl’ from his 2013 album Because the Internet as the featured track for the new Far-Cry 4 trailer, which you can view here. The song is heavy and intense. The game looks heavy and intense. Not since 50 Cent’s questionable foray into gaming have rap music and an action shooter mixed so jarringly well together. Crossovers between these media, while not uncommon, especially for big budget titles, flow in one direction- music always overlays the trailer. Other than perhaps 50 Cent: Bulletproof, what would it mean (look like, sound like) to have a game hype up or supplement a music album or performance?

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