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An Exercise in Thought and Feeling, or a Flood of Questions

“As far playing video games go, it’s an unsettling feeling to have the power to control your (virtual) body taken away from you. When I know that when I press up, I’m supposed to go up. And when I do and I’m not going up, then the whole system that makes up the game, from the powerless player to the invalidated vocabulary and mechanisms (controller, controls, directions), gets undermined.”

Our blog post of the week thinks video games alongside depression and asks: Why do we play video games? Is it simply because it’s a form of escape? Are there different modes of escape for different media? How do the connotations of escapism change and remain the same when we’re talking about people with depression? Where then are you in relation to yourself if you’re playing a video game, if you are looking to escape from your real world and your real self?



This week’s 8-Bit Philosophy tackles the question “What is a Woman” with Simone de Beauvoir and Metroid.


This morning, massive tech company Intel announced that it was in support of antifeminist movement “Gamergate” after it received backlash for Gamasutra‘s Leigh Alexander’s article on game culture. One insider source revealed that higher ups were afraid of

“the hordes of angry, white, male gamers who might take to the streets and challenge [them] to a Yu-Gi-Oh duel.”  

A legitimate concern, indeed. Read the original article by Alexander to get the full story.

Then get your gaming on! Alien: Isolation, another game in the Alien franchise, is being hailed as one of the scariest games of all time. Buy a copy, grab your cuddle blanket and leave the lights on while you read about how the franchises most terrifying monster was born.

Tweet of the week. ‘Nuff said.


Follow of the week!

Not related to games, but everyone needs a little bit of creepy honesty in their life.Nightvale is the place to get it. Do eeet!

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