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Do You Know What You're Playing?, by CG

"Do you know what you’re playing? A simple enough question you might ask, one that I would normally squint at and hesitantly say “Yes” to as I turn on the console to play whatever game I’m working on. These days, that game is Assassin’s Creed, specifically Liberation, a PSP-Vita turned PS3 spinoff of the main series. The historical-action-stealth video game put out by Ubisoft features the first female and first black protagonist in the AC universe. Normally, I would think that amount of information would suffice if you asked me if I knew what I was playing. But once I actually press start new game, all bets are off."

In the Gaming World

111ed55d-948d-4749-9ed7-cc7182c5fea6"'In dismantling what we perceive as ‘negative’ stereotypes, we too hastily dismantle representations of sweetness, generosity, friendship, love, patience, selflessness—practices important in equal measure to all of humanity,' Weil said. 'Here, I think there is exceedingly great opportunity for videogames to take part in this conversation.'"
a544e1b6-6297-49a8-bff6-f609f5852cf6"In a presentation, Nintendo described the QOL device as having "five 'non' sensing" features: It will be non-wearable, non-contact (meaning it doesn't need to touch your body), non-operating, non-waiting and non-installation. Essentially, the device is designed to operate on its own."
111ed55d-948d-4749-9ed7-cc7182c5fea6"Whenever men feel like masculinity is under attack, men get dangerous. Because that’s exactly what masculinity teaches you to do, what masculinity is about. Defending yourself with disproportionate force against any loss of power? That’s what masculinity is."

Mandatory Halloween of the Week

bd109b5e-fef2-4e07-a943-ea6f9ac665ac Yes, you could spend your Halloween reading this excellent Kill Screen Daily tab on suspense, dread, and the endings of horror gaming classic Silent Hill 2. Or you can be in the corner with me, goofily bopping around to the track from my favorite Halloween-themed gaming moment: Mad Monster Mansion from N64 platformer Banjo Kazooie.

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