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concept map of criteria for historical fiction game

Carving Out A Space (With Hidden Blades)

What does it mean to understand the Assassin’s Creed video games as works of historical fiction? To what extent can other forms of historical adaptation shape our perception of these games? How does the medium of the video game complicate our notions of what history and historical adaptation are? What’s at stake in engaging with the particular historical settings and… Read more →

Passing, Passing, Gone: LIM and Boundaries

 (Credit goes to Edmond Chang, who was the one to point me towards LIM in his lecture “(Un)Loving Mechanics: Queerness + Straightwashing  in Digital Games”. )   The other day, I tried search for a synonym for “going by.”   Which got me thinking:     And games that do a good job of representing the struggles that come from inhabiting a liminal… Read more →

The_Critical_Is Roundup

At The_Critical_Is_ Simulation, Death vs. Desynchronization, and Historical Trauma “But even within this repetition, the game does not let us forget that nothing we are experiencing is “real”–the human player is not only one step removed from the “real event”, the step constituted by the television and game console, but is about four steps removed from what the game considers… Read more →

GUEST POST: Constructions of Gamer Identity in Popular Television

Editor’s note: We’re trying a new experiment here at The_Critical_Is: guest posts. Today’s guest post is by Amalia Charles, a writer out of Massachusetts. Misogyny and abhorrence of the non-normative in online gaming communities is not a rare occurrence. I am a self-identified female gamer, who has been harassed, mocked, alongside having her sexuality and gender questioned by multitudes of male voices… Read more →

Dis+Ability and Customizable Characters in Video Games

I started this post sometime way back in early September after spending one glorious weekend sitting down to play Skyrim with my nine year-old nephew. I don’t get to see my nephew all that often and he doesn’t get to play video game all that often, so it was no surprise when we plunked ourselves down in front of the television, controller… Read more →

On Gaming’s Willful Amnesia

It has been a hard couple of weeks (months, years, decades) to play video games. Specifically, to play video games from any cultural position other than that of a straight, white, young, middle-class male. On some level, we know this already, and while I wish I could say that I’ve been surprised by the rampant, unmitigated vitriol, no longer “trending… Read more →