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GUEST POST: Constructions of Gamer Identity in Popular Television

Editor’s note: We’re trying a new experiment here at The_Critical_Is: guest posts. Today’s guest post is by Amalia Charles, a writer out of Massachusetts. Misogyny and abhorrence of the non-normative in online gaming communities is not a rare occurrence. I am a self-identified female gamer, who has been harassed, mocked, alongside having her sexuality and gender questioned by multitudes of male voices… Read more →

Dis+Ability and Customizable Characters in Video Games

I started this post sometime way back in early September after spending one glorious weekend sitting down to play Skyrim with my nine year-old nephew. I don’t get to see my nephew all that often and he doesn’t get to play video game all that often, so it was no surprise when we plunked ourselves down in front of the television, controller… Read more →

Haunted by Historical Memory

By no stretch of the imagination is Assassin’s Creed: Freedom’s Cry an easy game to play. From the actual mission to the various side missions, between delivering packages to killing slaveowners and liberating plantations, the journey upon which the reader embarks at the onset of the game is long, winding, and difficult. For those who study American Slavery or enslavement… Read more →

The_Critical_Is Roundup

On The_Critical_Is Haunted By Historical Memory, by EA “One of the most haunting parts of this world is the auction block. It is one thing to read about enslaved people being chained together, publicly inspected, and sold to the highest bidder like cattle, and another thing to see it in a movie, but to casually walk past in the world of… Read more →

The_Critical_Is Roundup

@THE_CRITICAL_IS An Exercise in Thought and Feeling, or a Flood of Questions “As far playing video games go, it’s an unsettling feeling to have the power to control your (virtual) body taken away from you. When I know that when I press up, I’m supposed to go up. And when I do and I’m not going up, then the whole… Read more →

The_Critical_Is Roundup

at the_critical_is 22 POINTS ON LIBERATING THE MACHINE “1. …Liberation focuses on Aveline de Grandpré, a French-African assassin who moves fluidly between three personas that “embody the three aspects of her identity:” society lady, slave, and assassin. “Each person”…“comes with a different set of skills and limitations,” including sleuth, parkour, deception, and—surprise, surprise—assassination. Read more →

Liberating the Machine

1. Like the rest of The_Critical_Is, I’ve been spending time with two Assassin’s Creed games: Liberation, a spin-off of Assassin’s Creed: III set in colonial New Orleans, and Freedom Cry, a downloadable series of missions for Assassin’s Creed IV set in Saint-Domingue. Both of these games are my first experiences with the Assassin’s Creed series; I’ve spent the most time with Liberation. As EA wrote last week, Liberation focuses on Aveline… Read more →