Author: Kimberly Bain

18 Reasons Why Ambiguously Brown is the New Black

Every once in a while, the internet offers up a new and never-before-seen gemstone. My default position when it comes to the internet is that of a pur(sur)veyor. Purveyor because I engage with the internet as an interface through which I can spread and promotes ideas, while also (metaphorically and literally) buy into the “goods” that others are selling. Surveyor… Read more →



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Yes, they’ve done it. The creators of the ever famous, ever loved Cards Against Humanity have gone ahead and released an in-browser version that can be played with your friends. Titled Cards Against Originality, you can now play the game digitally. Friday nights will never be the same again.

January-Term Course: A Recap

This past January, I taught a week-long January term course entitled “Winners Don’t Smash Buttons: A Video Game Practicum.” This blog post is a summary of what happened over the course of the week; if you’re interested in reading a digital essay on the experience, the course website ( explores issues of death, reincarnation, play, and so much more. Course syllabus… Read more →

Passing, Passing, Gone: LIM and Boundaries

 (Credit goes to Edmond Chang, who was the one to point me towards LIM in his lecture “(Un)Loving Mechanics: Queerness + Straightwashing  in Digital Games”. )   The other day, I tried search for a synonym for “going by.”   Which got me thinking:     And games that do a good job of representing the struggles that come from inhabiting a liminal… Read more →

Dis+Ability and Customizable Characters in Video Games

I started this post sometime way back in early September after spending one glorious weekend sitting down to play Skyrim with my nine year-old nephew. I don’t get to see my nephew all that often and he doesn’t get to play video game all that often, so it was no surprise when we plunked ourselves down in front of the television, controller… Read more →

The_Critical_Is Roundup

@THE_CRITICAL_IS An Exercise in Thought and Feeling, or a Flood of Questions “As far playing video games go, it’s an unsettling feeling to have the power to control your (virtual) body taken away from you. When I know that when I press up, I’m supposed to go up. And when I do and I’m not going up, then the whole… Read more →